Webinar: Streamlining the Process of Reviewing Preclinical Studies with Digital Solutions

February 23, 2023
Webinar: Streamlining the Process of Reviewing Preclinical Studies with Digital Solutions

Are you tired of the slow and cumbersome process of reviewing preclinical studies via non-digital methods? Do you spend valuable time and resources shipping physical slides and waiting for them to arrive before you can even begin the review process? In this webinar, we will introduce our service that allows consultant veterinary pathologists to easily Peer Review digital studies in a GLP-compliant manner via our secure platform, Patholytix, with zero cost to the consultant!

Our service streamlines the study review process, saving time and money and reducing the environmental impact of shipping physical slides. It also improves accessibility for both consultants and their partners and supports the efficient review of both GLP and non-GLP studies.

We will be joined by two of our champion users and early adopters of the service, consultant pathologists Roger Allison and Maurice Cary, who will discuss his experience of using the service. Join us to learn how this service can benefit your organization and take the first step towards a more efficient and effective way of reviewing preclinical studies.


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Andrew Fink
US Business Development Manager


Maurice Cary
Director at Pathology Experts GmBH

Dr. Cary is a board-certified veterinary pathologist with +30 years of experience in addressing nonclinical issues in the USA, Europe and Asia. He also has a wealth of experience in outsourcing and study management, which is a unique combination of beneficial skills for nonclinical healthcare product development. He has become a dedicated supporter for the implementation of digital pathology in toxicologic pathology.

Roger Alison
Consultant Pathologist / Managing Director at Roger Alison Ltd

Roger Alison is a Board Certified Veterinary Pathologist with a total of 30 years experience in Toxicological Pathology. He was previously employed by Contract Laboratories in the United Kingdom, the US Government (National Toxicology Program), and a major Pharmaceutical company (Sandoz, Switzerland). He has been working as a Consultant Toxicological Pathologist for the last 23 years.

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