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AI tools rapidly identify the presence or absence of abnormalities. They offer pathologists the potential to streamline their workflows.

However, such tools can be challenging to develop and implement. Pathologists performing non-clinical study reviews face large study volumes and very tight turnaround times. Pathology departments in the pharmaceutical industry rarely have the time, expertise, or infrastructure for effective AI implementation.

Patholytix AI is the right solution to leverage Deep Learning and integrate AI-based approaches into the toxicologic pathology field. Coupled with a viewer tailored to the evaluation of nonclinical safety studies, it combines a user-friendly annotation process and some powerful AI models, together with visual maps of the generated masks and quantitative pathology capabilities, providing valuable diagnostic decision support to the pathologists.

Sebastien Laurent and Béatrice Gauthier
Senior Toxicologic Pathologists at Sanofi


No need to hire people to create a department of AI engineers and data scientists. No need to train people. No need to source GPU infrastructure to power AI activities.

Deciphex offers a complete managed service with advanced Artificial Intelligence capabilities at a fraction of the cost of internal deployment.

A more
cost-effective solution
for all your AI needs


We have a large team of AI Engineers and Data Scientists with domain knowledge relevant to AI experiments, such as image processing and AI model development.

You can partner with our experts to create powerful AI models to address the specific challenges that matter to you most. Through close collaboration, we can develop models tailored around your specific goals with limited training data from your team.

In addition to short-cutting the recruitment and training process for such specialist personnel, this allows a project to kick off immediately and effectively.

There’s no need to recruit in-house AI experts


Offering best-in-class workflow, Patholytix provides AI solutions in a platform designed to handle high volumes of study content.

Deciphex’s research division guarantees that we always utilise the most up-to-date and powerful models to deliver the most consistent and accurate results.

This ability to hold large slide repositories, combined with the ability to create robust classifiers from such repositories, means that our software is the ultimate solution for providing powerful AI insights built on your very own studies.

Utilise advanced AI solutions on a platform that delivers robust outcomes


Patholytix AI services are fully cloud-enabled, eliminating the need for any local infrastructure. Easily access all your studies, annotations and AI masks from our secure cloud, from anywhere within your organisation.

Our infrastructure is totally scalable. You can perform projects as small or large as required. We will always have storage for them. This also means as your organisation grows and projects become larger, your research does not have to be limited.


Our Service Workflow


We will consult with you to understand your challenges, and design AI solutions.


We will work with you to identify studies and evaluate models best suited to your requirements.


We will iteratively improve your models with you to ensure the results meet your expectations.


We will generate data from your studies to provide actionable insights.

Patholytix AI is fully integrated into your study review workflow, providing powerful decision support that helps to improve pathologist efficiency during study reporting
Find out more about our Patholytix AI solution