Patholytix Preclinical 1.4 with Work from Home Mode

July 4, 2020
Patholytix Preclinical 1.4 with Work from Home Mode

We understand that many of our partners now face changing work practices and are more reliant now than ever on remote collaborative tools to manage their day to day operations. Our team remains as committed and as capable as ever to supporting you, and to help you protect business continuity.

The new release of Patholytix Preclinical 1.4 is optimised for the home office environment. We have implemented strategies to enable our users to fully work from home to eliminate any business continuity issues arising from changing working practices. We have also incorporated Home user licencing models to facilitate more distributed work practices as required in the current climate. We are facilitating Direct-to-home shipment of high specification laptops and peripherals to enable users work where they are and have introduced a High-performance scanning service in Chicago to mitigate accessibility and scanning throughput issues being experienced by customers.  Patholytix Preclinical 1.4 also includes a myriad of other features requested by our partners to make the experience of using the product even better. 

Key to this is an accelerated and streamlined process for data integration.  Introducing barcode support in the workflow allows for continuous image integration from scanner to remote user. A combination of accelerated image integration process for industry leading formats and the introduction of new simplified data integration strategies makes getting the data you need to your stakeholders even easier. 

Patholytix AI also sees significant improvements from its initial release, faster and more flexible annotation strategies and optimised support for industry leading tablets, introduction of new models and loss functions, multi magnification AI, new augmentation strategies and accelerated training speeds.  All of the above enhancements improves the performance of the platform to solve your problem of interest. 

Commenting on the release, Dr Donal O’Shea, CEO of Deciphex says. 

“This is a critical release for our user community to enable them to work effectively in these current times.  We really appreciate the efforts of the team to drive a release of this magnitude and impact for our customers.  To do so in such a short timescale demonstrates our responsiveness to both market conditions and customer feedback.” 

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