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Kickoff meeting for PATHTOX FTI project

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December 5, 2018
Kickoff meeting for PATHTOX FTI project

The meeting coincided with a specific digital pathology meeting (Global Engage- Digital Pathology), which both Janssen and Deciphex team members were attending. The Kick-off meeting provided time for a review of each workpackage, and a round table discussion on the future key actions. Minutes of the meeting was created and circulated.

Picture from L-R: Donal O Shea (Deciphex, CEO), Reto Aerni (PDS), Erio Barale Thomas (Janssen, Praoject Coordinator), Pieter Van Nuffel (Janssen), Mark Gregson (Deciphex), Mairin Rafferty (Deciphex), Vicente Nogues (PDS, CEO).

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