Global Engage - Digital Pathology Conference UK 2019

December 5, 2019
Global Engage - Digital Pathology Conference UK 2019

Donal O’Shea (CEO, Deciphex), supported by Sophie Nelissen (Pathologist in training, Janssen) presented our recent advancements from the PATHTOX project, and the developments of our AI technology which is integrated in our Patholytix system. His talk was entitled ‘Finding the needle in the haystack: Optimised digital pathology and abnormality detection in pre-clinical toxicologic pathology.’ The digital pathology gathering was a highly suitable setting to showcase the newest developments in our AI technology and co-ordinate with colleagues and partners in the field, including Janssen who also shared the stage during the presentation to highlight the outputs and significant advancements made from our joint efforts.

Erio Barale-Thomas not only chaired a session at the Global Engage conference but also presented a talk entitled ‘Digitalization of Toxicologic Pathology: Some Reflections on Validation and Regulatory Acceptance’. Here he presented a regulatory approach, which will support our work in our validation WP.

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