Deciphex Completes Validation Activities Enabling Veterinary Consultant Pathologists To Perform GLP Peer Review Digitally Using Patholytix

February 2, 2023
Deciphex Completes Validation Activities Enabling Veterinary Consultant Pathologists To Perform GLP Peer Review Digitally Using Patholytix

This major advance means that veterinary consultant pathologists can work entirely in the digital domain and maintain GLP-compliance throughout a peer review.

Appropriately, validation has been performed in consultation with consultant pathologists. Consultants told us they love the convenience and speed of digital. However, with GLP peer reviews now the bulk of their work, what they’d love even more is to be able to review such studies digitally.

With the completion of extensive validation activities, their wish is now reality.


Patholytix now supports efficient Peer Review of GLP Studies & both Primary & Peer Review of Non-GLP studies. This means veterinary consultant pathologists can now onboard both GLP and non-GLP studies and remotely review such studies digitally.

This increases the amount of work they can take on, and in turn, increase their income. There’s zero cost outlay to them.


CRO and Pharma companies can now get both GLP and non-GLP studies peer reviewed by consultant pathologists digitally.

With this new advancement, veterinary consultant pathologists can review studies faster for their CRO/pharma partners. The more studies that get reviewed, the more backlogs are reduced. Drug candidates are brought to clinical trials sooner.


Until now, a standard animal study must be sent via several shipments to the peer reviewer. Valuable time is wasted waiting on the arrival of the study content before any review can be begun. This is even before the slow, laborious process of unpacking and checking the slides for review. Slides must then be shipped back to the sender, which is both uneconomical and environmentally unfriendly.

Shipping animal tissues from country to country is a stringently regulated operation that requires detailed, and often confusing, document submission processes. This is specifically true for non-human primate (NHP) studies. Often studies can remain in customs for extended periods of time, due to lack of correct documentation submitted with the shipment, or documentation errors. This can delay the peer review process by weeks or even months, having a negative impact on the speed of the drug development process.

The ability for peer review consultant pathologists to perform these studies digitally will eliminate this waste and inconvenience.


CRO and pharma companies are often under pressure as they do not have the bandwidth to perform all study reviews in-house. Deciphex offers them the opportunity to get this done externally by independent consultant pathologists.

These consultant pathologists might already be in the CRO and pharma company networks. Deciphex can also provide access to a global network of consultant pathologists.

There’s no cost to CRO and pharma companies to equip these pathologists with a digital set-up. They simply pay for the study to be reviewed on a per-study basis.

They do not have to send their glass slides to this pathologist to review. It’s a much faster and efficient workflow which gets their studies reviewed sooner.


With the addition of GLP compliance for peer review, Deciphex’s Consultant Enablement Service is now the most cost-effective solution for consultant engagement.

It is a more efficient way of working with consultants.

It streamlines the study review process.

It increases a consultant’s capacity for studies – and study income.

It helps cut study review backlogs.

It networks the world’s pathologists.

It provides easy access to subspecialist pathologists.

It speeds up the drug development process.

Contact us today at to learn more about our Consultant Enablement Services and how we can help streamline your study review process.

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