Deciphex at Digital Pathology & AI Conference 2022

March 15, 2022
Deciphex at Digital Pathology & AI Conference 2022

Deciphex will be participating in the Digital Pathology & AI Conference 2022 happening virtually, from the 24-25th of March. This event is hosted by Curtis & Wyss and will focus on the latest trends and developments in the digital pathology field. The conference will consist of two days of presentations, virtual roundtable discussions and interactive Q&A panel sessions. 

We will be hosting a symposium presentation on Friday the 25th of March at 10:40 am GMT. Our Director of Commercial AI Services, Trevor McKee, will be presenting on the topic “Finding the Lesion Needle in the Normal Tissue Haystack: How AI and AI-As-A-Service, With Robust QC & Validation, Can Deliver Quantitative Insights to Help Guide Decision Making in Drug Safety Assessment”.

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